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XBRL is quickly spreading across the world, by way of increasing participation from individual countries and international organizations. It is now preferred as a standard for business and financial reporting worldwide. XBRL is managed and promoted by XBRL International, a not-for-profit consortium, with companies, government bodies and other organizations as its members. Currently 550 organizations are associated with XBRL Inc. XBRL International is comprised of jurisdictions, which represent countries, regions or international bodies and which focus on the progress of XBRL in their area. There are about 28 jurisdictions (established or provisional) representing different countries and regions. Following charts give a brief statistics of XBRL Implementations across the world.


Module I : Overview of XBRL

Module II : Taxonomy & Instance documents

Module III : Indian GAAP Taxonomy & Business Rules

Module IV : XBRL Tools

o   Meaning of XBRL

o   Meaning of XBRL Taxonomy

o   Overview of Indian GAAP Taxonomy

o   Defining Unit, Context, Currency, Decimal

o    Key concepts of XBRL

o    XBRL Taxonomy Architecture

o   Analysis of Indian GAAP Taxonomy

o   Detailed Tagging

o   Components of Business Reporting Supply Chain

o    Linkbases, Tuples, Dimensions, Hypercubes, Axis, Members etc.

o    Business Rules

o    Block Tagging

o    Technical Terms associated with XBRL

o    XBRL Taxonomy Extension

o    Analysis of Business Rules

o    Steps involved in XBRL Report Creation

o    Advantage of use of XBRL

o    XBRL Instance document

o  XBRL implementation approaches

o    Editing XBRL Instances

o    Key drivers of XBRL

o    Instance document building blocks (facts, contexts, units & footnotes)

o    Indian regulatory requirements

o    Validating XBRL Report at MCA Validation Tool

o    XBRL Adoption around the world

o   Analysis of C & I Taxonomy 2012- Ministry of Corporate Affairs


o    Viewing XBRL Reports

o    XBRL & IFRSs



o    MCA filling

o    Applications of XBRL



o   Practical Assignment

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